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" These extensions are so seamless! The top of the weft is very similar to a tape in extension and they fit super flat to the head! I personally have super thick hair and need a second pack to match me density and definitely will be ordering a second pack! The platinum matches my hair perfectly! Gorgeous hair and the price point Is even better! "

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Classic and Ultra Seamless hair extensions?

Classic Remy hair extensions are slightly thicker at the base, providing extra volume at the roots. Ultra Seamless hair extensions, on the other hand, have a silicone weft, and are thinner at the base. Classic Collection is good for medium-thick hair, or a blunt haircut. Our Ultra Seamless collection is good for fine - medium hair type with an average amount of hair and want less volume at the root.

Do Ultra Seamless hair extensions shed less than Classic hair extensions?

Ultra Seamless clip-in extensions are designed to be worn all day and night without feeling like you’re wearing clip-ins. And as we use high-quality Remy human hair and silicone wefts, our luxury hair extensions are durable with virtually no shedding.

Can I sleep with the Ultra Seamless clip ins? Do they have to be removed daily?

We would recommend remove the human hair extensions daily. They can get tangled just from wearing them all day, sleeping in them is possible but we wouldn’t recommend it. Due to the friction between the hair and the pillow may aggravate the knotting of the hair extension.

Will Ultra Seamless clip in extensions help my hair look like it has more volume?

Yes, definitely! Ultra Seamless clip in hair extensions have more hair that is attached to each weft. One pack is enough for a full head. Get your hair at full volume instantly. Even better if you style it, add some waves!

Can I do two french braids using Ultra Seamless clip in hair extensions? Will it be noticeable in the part?

It’s ok! The Ultra Seamless clip-ins is very skin friendly and the top silicone color is similar to skin tone. It's not very obvious and can be well hidden in the hair. You can clip it on your hair for any shape, you just need to choose the color you like.

How do I choose the right color?

When choosing a color to match your own hair, choose a color that matches your hair from the middle to the ends. Never choose the hair color of your "roots" as that tends to be a different shade. The color match best for your hair will be the color of your hair from your chin down to ends of your hair. You can choose from 3 ways to be expertly color matched. Click here for more info.

How to choose the right length for my hair?

To be able to know what length to choose, kindly get a ruler or a measuring tape and measure from the top of the ear to where you want the extensions to reach - and that is the length you should buy!

Can I curl and straighten my hair extensions?

DOORES Hair is real human hair and can be heat styled using a flat iron, curler just like your own hair. Always use a heat protectant and set your hot tools to a low-medium setting of 360℉ to avoid damaging the hair.

How long will the hair last?

The lifespan of DOORES hair extensions is determined by how much you wear them and how well you take care of them. Usually, hair extensions last 6 to 12 months, depending on how often you use them.

How long does shipping take?

DOORES processes and ships orders with a cut-off time of 4pm EST. If orders placed after 4pm EST will be processed and shipped the next day. We ship everyday, including weekends and holidays.


United States: 2-3 business days

United Kingdom: 3-4 business days

Europe: 3-4 business days

Rest of World: 3-4 business days