Clip-in hair extensions are the easiest fastest and safest way to get longer and fuller hair in just minutes. Now Doores hair extensions comes in a seamless collection are still the same high quality remy human hair extensions but are specifically designed with lighter, fuller version over the industry.

Curious to know the real difference between Doores ultra seamless and other brand clip in hair extensions? We've got you covered with our full comparison! Keep watching one thing you'll notice right away!

1.Thinner Band than Other Brands'

The main and most notable difference between Doores ultra seamless clip in sets and other seamless clip in sets is their design. Our clip in sets are silicone base, only 0.5mm thickness. Discard the thick and stiff band, our silicone is extremely thin and soft, which is the exclusive technology of Doores. Each layer of glue is a thin repeatedly applied by technicians to create an ultra discreet, lightweight set.

2.Slim Band for Ultra-invisible

Doores seamless hair extension's silicon base is narrower on the outside, which makes is easier to hide in your hair. The pliable band lay flat against your head, no bump, no stick out, blend with your own hair naturally and realistically. And no one knows your secret!

3.Options for different weight

Customers always come first. We know you always want a reasonable price and thicker hair. We did it. We broke through the technical limitations and for the first time increased the weight of Seamless clip-ins to a maximum of 160g. Since the hair extensions come in a set of 9-10 wefts, depending on the weight.

4.Upgraded 9-tooth clips

We always give you the best. We compared almost all the clips on the market, and finally found a clip with excellent workmanship, durability and high comfort after wearing test. Let's take a closer look at the bigger 9-tooth clips. Each clip has a silicone grip which helps the wefts to securely and tightly attach to the hair without falling out. All you have to do is unclip to open and click back to close.

Discreet, comfortable, and no shedding. Doores Ultra seamless clip-ins is a lighter, fuller version over the industry.

December 26, 2022

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